Japenese Akita dog on ‘death row’ after attacking South Normanton woman

A JAPANESE Akita dog is on death row after a court was told that it broke free and bit a South Normanton woman.

The dog was tethered in a parking area near owner Tom Allcock’s home on Meadow Bank when the attack took place.

Bill Taylor, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates that victim Aysha Dooley, a neighbour of Allcock, had known it for ‘quite some time’.

He said its lead snapped and it jumped up and bit her left breast, which bled through her clothing.

“The court is required to make an order that the dog be destroyed unless there is a reason not to do so,” added Mr Taylor.

Bob Bashforth, for Allcock, said: “She threw it a bone and the dog couldn’t reach it.

“Foolishly she bent down to pick up the bone and throw it closer.

“The dog lunged forward and broke the lead and bit her.”

Allcock (52) admitted being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control on 10th September.

Sentence was adjourned until 17th February. Mr Bashforth said he hoped to provide evidence at the next hearing from an expert who would look at the dog at its propensity to cause harm with a view to it being spared a destruction order.