Is it time to put our own country first?

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When I was approximately 11-years-old, I attended Broomhill School.

During that year, the education department sent thousands upon thousands of small brown envelopes to all the schools in England. The idea was that each child would take the envelope home and their parents would send a donation for Water Aid in Africa.
That was approximately 64 years ago. Since then donations to Africa have raised by billions upon billions of pounds, and that is only from what they have received from the UK. If you total donations received from all countries, the sum must total trillions of pounds. Yet this Christmas we can again look forward to seeing the little girl with a container on her back walking two miles to fetch water. So sending aid to Africa hasn’t worked in my view.
We are now made aware that the Conservative Government intends to send between £12 and £13 billion of taxes to other countries in aid. This is despite the fact that we have approximately four million pensioners living in poverty.
After working for 50 years, I now qualify for the top rate pension for my age group — £132.64p.
Two million people living in poverty, food banks opening up in all towns to feed families who are struggling, schools now offering breakfast to children whose families are struggling to feed them.
Ben Bradley MP, can you name one single hospital in the UK that is not desperate for financial aid?
The police force has been cut to the bare bones, schools and teachers cut to the bare bones, there is a desperate shortage of doctors and nurses but no money to train and employ more.
Mr Bradley , do you think that now is the time to put your own country first when it comes to offering aid?

And finally, how many of these people in these foreign countries receiving their millions of pounds in aid will be voting Conservative in the next election?

John Naylor

Hazel Bank, Forest Town

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