Insp Nick Butler police column: We are now on top of house burglary problem in Hucknall

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I now feel confident in saying that we have got on top of the house burglary problem in Hucknall and the villages which has been our priority over recent weeks.

Due to a number of hardened criminals travelling into our area we suffered a large increase during the last few months of 2013.

I am pleased to say that well in excess of 20 people have been arrested and charged with house burglaries in the area over the past three months alone.

Most of these have been remanded to prison custody and as a result the burglary offences have now almost stopped.

This is little consolation for those who have had their homes violated and items of sentimental value taken.

The ‘knock on’ effects of children feeling unsafe in their own homes or the inconvenience of having to take time off from work, cannot be fully appreciated and I am doing everything within my power to ensure the courts fully appreciate the effect these offenders have had on the good people of Ashfield.

As is always the case, we are now facing our next challenge which is shoplifting once again. We are arresting offenders on a daily basis but prevention is the key here not detection.

Each day my PCSOs are patrolling the High Street and are in contact with the local shops ready to turn away known offenders who are banned from the town centre.

We have an agreement with the shops that if an offender is banned from one shop they are banned from them all.

Having said this, the people wouldn’t steal from shops if they couldn’t sell the items taken and this is where I need your support.

The most commonly stole items in Hucknall are cheese, Lynx deodorant, batteries and meat. We all know where to buy these items and if they are being sold in pubs or out of the boot of a car we need to know about it please.

Shoplifting is not a victim-less crime and we all pay the price in the end.

Please ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or email me at with any information and it will be treated with the utmost care.”