Injured otter rescued in Mansfield town centre

An otter has been found injured in the centre of Mansfield.

The picture of the otter was posted in the I Love Mansfield Facebook page this morning.

A spokesman for Mansfield BID who run the site posted:

“Well done to Stef , MDC & one our staff who rescued the injured otter this morning on Church Street. Safely in the hands of a local vet now thanks to these kind fellas.”

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Daryl McGreade, business and crime coordinator at Mansfield BID told your Chad: “I came into work this morning and a couple of MDC lads spotted me and pointed out the otter which was hunkered down in a drain.

“I called the RSPCA and eventually a local vets came to get it.

“It was fighting a bit and managed to bite me on the finger.

“It was only minor and I have had a tetanus injection.

The River Maun is round the corner near the Town Mill pub so we think it might have come from there somehow.

“It’s the first time I have seen an otter around here.

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It must have been injured because it was in a place where it shouldn’t have ben and we were worried for its safety being near a road with traffic buzzing up and down.

“The nurse at A and E told me she has never seen anyone bitten by one!”

The Otter, a young female, was later checked out and found to be fit and well.

Daryl said it had been transferred to a sanctuary by the RSPCA until it was old enough to be released back into the wild.