Infatuated festival-goer seeks lost love

A lovestruck festival-goer has set up a twitter account to help him find a blonde-haired girl he met at YNot.

The Ynot Festival
The Ynot Festival

The infatuated reveller has set up the account @lostblonde52 to help him track down a girl called Jess who he met while watching Madness on the last day of the festival.

She said she was from Nottingham and he thinks she was with a brunette friend called Lucy but he can’t now contact her as he never got her number.

The people who look after the YNot twitter account have retweeted it for him, praising the effort but worrying she might be ‘a bit freaked out’ if he ever finds her.

You can help him find her if you like by retweeting his appeal on twitter.