Independent Forum: true status


The debate as to whether the Independent Forum is a political party or not has been going on since 2003.

It is unfair to expect the voting public to take the word of the politicians on this issue. May I suggest that the managing Director of M.D.C. who is required to be totally impartial, to issue a statement of their true status.

If they are not a party, fair enough. However, if they are a political party, they are not entitled to have their cake and eat it i.e. signing their letters to the press, Independent.

I was voted in as an Independent. Later on I/We became the Independent Forum. I did not like the things they were doing and I did not like the things they were not doing, so I went back to being Independent, accountable only to those people who were good enough to vote me in. Getting bogged down in clarifying such a simple issue for such a length of time, it is easy too see why the Council takes so long to get things done, i.e. the old hospital.

Brian Betts

Mansfield Woodhouse

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