Increased care costs to be phased in by Derbyshire County Council

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An increase in the amount people will have to pay towards their care from Derbyshire County Council will be phased in over two and a half years to lessen the impact of the change.

The county council’s Cabinet agreed to the phasing in of the increase at its meeting this week.

Councillors also agreed that the introduction of a charge for transport to adult care services of £5 per day could be delayed until April 2015, to lessen the impact of a charge for transport and increase in care costs being introduced at the same time.

Both the changes follow decisions made by the county council’s Cabinet at a meeting in June.

They are part of a number of measures which will change or reduce the council’s adult care services as part of an overall plan by the council to meet £157 million of budget cuts by 2018.

Of the £157 million total, up to £60 million is likely to have to be cut from the money the council spends on its adult care services.

While the council’s cabinet agreed in June to an increase in the contribution people must make towards their care and support (called co-funding), councillors asked for further work to be carried out on the actual amount people would have to pay.

Their request followed careful consideration of responses received during a 12-week consultation held earlier this year as well as the contents of a detailed report looking at the potential impact of the cuts.

Coun Clare Neill, cabinet Member for Adult Social Care at Derbyshire County Council, said: “Following the consultation earlier this year we listened to people’s concerns and have made changes to some of the original proposals.

“We are still working hard to try to mitigate the impact of the cuts where we can and I believe that spreading the increased contributions people make towards their care over the next two and a half years will lessen the impact of this change.

“We also wanted to avoid introducing the charge for transport to adult care services at the same time as increasing the cost of care, which is why we are delaying this until April 2015.”