Immigration in Mansfield and Ashfield is on the decline

09-3329-3''Mansfield, Boxing Day Shoppers.
09-3329-3''Mansfield, Boxing Day Shoppers.

THE number of people coming to live in Mansfield and Ashfield from abroad peaked between 2004 and 2006, according to the 2011 Census

In that period, 1,536 people arrived in Mansfield, while 752 people came to Ashfield.

This was a big rise in the number of immigrants coming into the area - up from 348 in Mansfield and 312 in Ashfield between 2001 and 2003 - and coincided with the expansion of the European Union in 2004.

The census data shows that the numbers did start to decline in the years after 2006, with only 537 people arriving in Mansfield in 2010/11 and just 207 in Ashfield.

At the time the census was carried out, the population of Mansfield stood at 104,466 - up from 98,100 in 2001 - while Ashfield had 119,497 residents, up from 111,500 10 years before.

Of those people who lived in Mansfield district, 3,049 were born in countries that joined the EU between April 2001 and March 2011, with this figure standing at 1,084 people in Ashfield.

The countries that became EU members during this time include Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary, which were among 10 nations that all joined in 2004.

People born in Poland make up the largest group of immigrants in Mansfield.

The census shows that 2,049 people born in Poland live in Mansfield - just under two per cent of the district’s population.

One hundred and seven people born in Lithuania have made their home in the district, along with 868 people from the other countries that joined the EU after April 2001.

In Ashfield, there are 687 people who were born in Poland living there, 56 people who were born in Lithuania and 313 people who were born in the other new EU member states.