If Friends was set in Nottinghamshire...

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A group of friends burst on to our TV screens 22 years ago yet, there is still a special place in our hearts for those coffee-drinking New Yorkers. But imagine if the show had been set in Nottinghamshire...

The iconic opening scene dancing in the fountains would have taken place in the Canch Park in Worksop.

NWGU 27-12-14 Snow, Snow  scene with the Canch Park sign at Worksop

NWGU 27-12-14 Snow, Snow scene with the Canch Park sign at Worksop

Forget drinking in Central Perk, for us Notts folk we would be hanging out on Peafield Perk.

When Monica isn’t cleaning she would be cooking up a storm at The Red Bar and Grill or The Olive Grove Bistro.

Let’s be honest Chandler wouldn’t be called Chandler he would be Dave Bing, because this is England and everyone has a mate called Dave.

He would still do mysterious things with numbers, only it would be at the Eastwood Link Business Park.

Joey would have grown up playing Robin Hood in all the school plays, and although he may look good in tights his catchphrase with the ladies would be ‘ay up me duck’ instead, which doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Ross would teach at West Notts College all the while longing to play his electric keyboard at open mic nights, but instead he just ends up doing karaoke in The Anchor.

Rachel would work as a fashion buyer for E Q V V S, but lets all remember she would have started her career at the Kiwi Cafe.

And when the sun is shining on Nottinghamshire, Phoebe would be heard busking outside Four Seasons Shopping Centre.

Let us know what we have missed in making The One When Friends Was Set In Nottinghamshire.