Ice cold challenge sweeps the globe

Jason Zadrozny's ice bucket challenge
Jason Zadrozny's ice bucket challenge

A fundraising craze that has swept the planet this summer and seen Kermit the Frog, Bill Gates and Diego Maradona drenched in ice-water has reached Mansfield.

The ice bucket challenge has seen millions of people post pictures and video of themselves on social media having buckets of ice cold water poured over their head to raise money and awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a muscle wasting disease, amongst ogther charities.

Particpants have the option to donate money to a fund or take the challenge, and can nominate people to take the dare - who then have 24 hours to complete it.

Liberal Democrat candidate Jason Zadrozny was left gasping in shock outside Ashfield District Council after three council workers upended icy buckets on him. He said: “It really is cold! Please don’t forget to donate - it’s a really good cause!”

Chad assistant editor Ashley Booker valiantly underwent an extra-cold soaking for the ALS campaign.

The ice-bucket challenge was endured by the staff and director of Mansfield-based children’s entertainers Little Idols last Thursday at the Riverside Club in Chesterfield and over £100 was raised.

Little Idols director Tim Dallison, dressed as Prince Hans from the popular children’s film Frozen, was joined in the icy drenching by Amber Buttery, costumed as Queen Elsa and Hannah Winterson, dressed as Princess Anna.

Tim said: “It was freezing! It was like total brain-freeze! It only lasted a minute but it was pure shock.

“We felt better for it afterwards. We had a big audience - around 100 people. They have an ice-maker behind the bar at the club so the bin was filled with ice!

“For a moment, it really hurt. Only for a minute - but it really hurt! It was like getting punched by a boxer!”

The cash was used to buy presents for youngsters on the ward and the gifts were donated on Tuesday.

Mansfield Town chairman John Radford, along with manager Paul Cox, led staff at Mansfield Town Football Club to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for charity.

Everyone from the ground maintenance man, Andy Johnson, to directors Tina and Paul Broughton, had the ice-cold water poured over them by promotion girls from One Call Insurance.

Mr Radford joined Paul Cox on the turf at the One Call Stadium as they were drenched by no fewer than nine buckets of water.

You can see video of Mr Zadrozny HERE Mr Booker HERE and the Little Idols HERE all getting icy cold for good causes.