'˜I will never set foot in KFC again'

A mum has slammed a '˜derisory' bargain bucket offer from KFC after claiming her son suffered an epileptic seizure in a Sutton restaurant '“ and not one staff member came to help.

Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 11:18 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 11:20 am

Amy Mumford, aged 28, of Erewash Street, Kirkby, said she was in the KFC on Forest Street with her eight-year-old son Jacob, who has severe autism and epilepsy, when he had a seizure on Friday September 1.

Amy said: “Jacob started having a convulsive seizure, so I lay him in the recovery position.

“At that point, I didn’t ask for help as there was nothing anyone could do.

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“But then Jacob turned blue and went unconscious and started being sick.

“I am used to him having them, but my four-year-old daughter was with me and she was terrified he might die.”

Amy called 999 and the operator said they needed to know the postcode so she shouted for help.

She said: “I shouted ‘can anybody help me’, a customer went up to ask the lady behind the till area.

“The customer told them what was happening and asked for the name of the road and the KFC worker said ‘tell them it’s next to the bus station’ and carried on serving.

“They showed no compassion whatsoever. They could have moved people away and made things a bit more private for us.

“Jacob was in a seizure for seven-and-a-half minutes until an ambulance arrived and they put him on a stretcher.

“The KFC workers then came out when he was being loaded and said they didn’t realise anything was going off.

“I got a call from a manager who was disgusted and is investigating.

A KFC spokesman said: “We care about the wellbeing of all our customers, so we were sorry to hear about this. We’re looking into exactly what happened.”

The restaurant where Amy takes her son every week offered them a free meal, but Amy said: “I will never go back there. I don’t know how a complimentary bargain bucket will help.”