I remember a very different strike

1984 Miners Strike Ollerton Pickets
1984 Miners Strike Ollerton Pickets

It has been interesting to read reports regarding the miners’ strike in the 80s. Am I the only one that remembers a disruptive strike which led to power cuts and shortened hours for factories which happened in 1971?

Maybe I remember it because my daughter was born in November that year.

It was very difficult to keep a young baby warm, when an open fire was the only heating we had, and fuel was hard to come by. We had a very considerate coal merchant who used to bring us a bag of whatever fuel he could get. This, plus the difficulty of changing nappies by torch light during power cuts, has etched it in my memory.

I have great respect for the miners in this area, and include several of them as my friends, but I think they were influenced by a radical union leadership.

The present Labour Party seems to have become aware of the danger that a union trying to rule the country is not democratic.

Jean Bowyer

Annesley Woodhouse