Huthwaite street’s road surface work deferred

Huithwaite’s county councillor said residents have helped the authority see sense after their street was taken off a list of road surfaces to be improved this summer.

Chad reported last week that Strawberry Bank was due to have surface dressing work carried out on it by Nottinghamshire County Council at a cost of thousands of pounds to the taxpayer.

But residents complained, branding it a ‘waste of public money’ and insisting that the road surface is in a perfectly good state of repair, whereas the street’s pavements desperately need work doing to them.

Now, after being contacted by local councillor Tom Hollis, the surface dressing work on Strawberry Bank has been deferred.

Coun Hollis said the move was as a result of residents ‘drumming a bit of logic into the council’.

“Myself and the residents want to focus on getting the pavements done, not the road,” he said.

“I am in full agreement with the residents and that’s why I have supported them every step of the way.

“You only need to drive round Huthwaite to see other roads in desperate need of attention.”

“The planned surface dressing work at Strawberry Bank has been deferred for a year, pending further discussions,” said Andy Warrington, the County Council’s service director for highways.