Huthwaite shopkeeper stabbed by masked raider

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A Huthwaite shopkeeper has described the moment he grappled with knife-wielding robbers who stabbed him after he refused to hand over money during an early-morning raid.

Gurdip Singh Johal, who runs Huthwaite News on Main Street, was targeted by masked thieves at around 7am on Friday, who entered the shop and demanded cash while brandishing a large kitchen knife.

The 60-year-old business owner, and his 58-year-old wife Balbir Kaur Johal, refused to give them cash despite repeated threats to stab them.

But it was not until the culprits fled the shop that Mr Johal realised that his arm was pouring with blood.

Speaking to the Chad, he said: “I was sorting my paper rounds when they walked in with masks on - I thought it was a joke at first. We’ve been here 16 years and we’ve never had any trouble, it’s such a nice village and a good community.

“They walked past me and round to my wife at the till and said they wanted money. He had a big kitchen knife but my wife pushed him back.”

Mr Johal said he then intervened, pushing the armed thief back several times in the corner of the shop, despite being told by the desperate thief that he was going to be stabbed.

“He kept saying he was going to stab me, but I told him‘You are not going to stab me’,” he added.

“We were not scared at all. I was more angry, I just wanted them out of our shop.

“I think they just wanted to scare us but we were not going to let them have anything.

“We’re not going to be scared by these type of people, and we’re sure they won’t be coming back.”

Mr Johal went to hospital for treatment to the wound on his arm, and was left needing stitches.

But he says that he has had nothing but support from his regular customers and the community since the incident.

Some have even given him get-well-soon cards with one customer writing ‘you are part of our community and much liked and respected’.

“We have had a good reaction from the people, they have been really concerned,” he added.

“We’d like to thank the community for all their nice messages, they have been so nice and understanding. They’ve come to see how we are and have been very helpful.

It’s such a really good community and we’re sure these people are not from this area.

Meanwhile, police are appealing for information about the incident.

They confirmed that two males had injured the shopkeeper during an altercation on the morning of Friday 23rd August, and fled empty handed.

One was wearing a mask, the other had a hooded top obscuring his face.

It was thought that they ran off along Market Street. Anyone with information is being urged to call police on 101.