Huthwaite man spared jail term after biting dog’s ear off.

09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court
09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court

A HUTHWAITE man who bit the top of his dog’s ear off after losing his temper has been given a suspended 18-week jail sentence and a 10-year ban from keeping animals.

Twenty-three-year-old Mark Else, of Clegg Hill Drive, hit the white Staffordshire bull terrier after it had biten him on the face in the early hours of 29th July.

The animal, which had been poorly, then fouled on the carpet and curtains so Else grabbed the dog by the throat and threw it out of the house causing it abdominal injuries.

He then brought the animal back in the house and put it in the bath but then bit a chunk out of her left ear when she became distressed.

He then put her in a cage downstairs and admitted himself to King’s Mill Hospital because he wanted to undergo a mental health assessment.

The dog, named Ellie, died the next morning and a post-mortem revealed she had been underweight, had fractures to the liver and was bleeding from the left ear which had been partly torn off.

Else, who admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, told police that he had kicked the dog on a previous occasion but had only owned the pet for around a month.

In mitigation, probation officer Jonathan Hand said that Else had been abused when he was a child but had never sought counselling and he had also been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

“He is clearly a young man who has a number of issues and in retrospect was never capable of looking after a dog,” he said.

“He conceded that the dog was unwell and his reaction had been completely disproportionate.”

His solicitor Robert Glansfield said: “Society will not benefit from this guy disappearing off the radar, this man needs to face up to his problems in a way which can be monitored.”

Mr Glansfield said Else was undergoing therapy at Millbrook Mental Health Unit and a prison sentence would be a regressive step for him when he was seeking help.

Else’s suspended prison sentence will last for 12 months and he was also fined £250 costs at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.