Huthwaite heroine tells of panic to save lives from drugs binge

Chair of Ashfield District Council Glenys Maxwell, where the incident occurred.
Chair of Ashfield District Council Glenys Maxwell, where the incident occurred.

An intrepid local politician who helped saved two men’s lives as they were found paralytic in the street has been praised as a lifesaver.

Glenys Maxwell, the chair of Ashfield District Council, was embroiled in a rush to give the men who appeared to have been bingeing on drink first aid, one of whom had passed out and wasn’t breathing, but thanks to the ... year old mother’s quick thinking, was saved from death.

And after the two men and a friend of theirs luckily escaped their misadventure unscathed, despite a night in hospital, Glenys has made a call to stop the ‘reckless, selfish’ behaviour which puts their own lives at risks - and wastes paramedics’ time.

She said: “They’re idiots. They put their own lives at risk and maybe others.”

The incident occurred when Glenys was at home in Mill Close, Huthwaite, it was sheer luck that the men were spotted in a dark corner of the street by passers-by who knocked on her door for help.

She said: “I was sat in my pyjamas having a glass of wine watching television, and a young lad came hammering on the window yelling ‘Glenys, Glenys, there’s two lads on the floor.”

So the heroine of the hour rushed out to see what he meant, and could see at least one man, believed to be in his late 20 or early 30s, had overdosed.

She added: “I thought he were dead, so I walked up to him and for all intents and purposed he was blue.

“He wasn’t breathing and there wasn’t a pulse.

The second one was gasping so I managed to turn him over, and a third guy was wondering around like a zombie

One of them was going to be sick, and I was lifting him up and putting my hands underneath his chest, and all this stuff came out of his mouth. It took six or seven attempts to clear his chest and he started breathing. Then the ambulance came and they took over.”

“I went to hospital and he was on life support.”

But it rubbed in how reckless the three men were when Glenys saw them the next day, she said.

“All three of them were back on the road by Wednesday, laughing about it. Just think if there had been another emergency. I hope nobody was waiting for an ambulance on Tuesday night.

“People have got to be less reckless. It was idiocy what they were doing, bingeing on drink and drugs.”

Police confirmed they were called to an incident on the Road.

A spokesperson said: “Nottinghamshire Police received a report of concern for three men who appeared to have collapsed in Mill Close, in Huthwaite, shortly before 7pm on Tuesday, March 29.

“It is believed they had fallen ill as a result of consuming excess alcohol and drugs. They were treated by paramedics at the scene. One of the men required treatment at King’s Mill Hospital.

“No arrests were made."