Huthwaite driver’s anger at potholes

Wendy Stone and Councillor Lee Anderson.
Wendy Stone and Councillor Lee Anderson.

A community support worker says her car needs a new suspension – due to damage caused by  “horrendous”  potholes.

Wendy Stone, of Ashfield Road, Huthwaite, a support worker for five years , said she was told her Ford Focus needed new suspension while it was in for an MoT.

And she said the mechanics who worked on her car said the damaged suspension was likely to have been caused by potholes.

The 41-year-old said: “People rely on me as a support worker and my car is damaged.

“Some of them don’t have any family and some only see us carers, we are their only support.

“The number of potholes is getting horrendous.”

Wendy said that potholes next to speed bumps on Sutton’s Carsic estate make it difficult to drive.

She said: “I have noticed in my job over the last couple of months .

“I am getting no choice but to hit them as they are so close together.

“It is not a small area, it is all over Carsic and going into Mansfield.

“It is absolutely ridiculous when I am driving around trying to avoid them – the police probably think I am drunk.”

Wendy who uses her car everyday for work and school runs, said: “I pay council tax, road tax – what happens to that money? “I have better things to spend my wages on than fixing my car because of potholes.”

Councillor John Cottee, Nottinghamshire County Council communities and place committee chairman,said:“Improving the condition and safety of local roads is something the new administration at the council has been actively addressing.

“Last July, we announced capital funding for road maintenance would be increased by £1 million per year for three years from 2017/18 to 2019/20.

“As part of the council budget process, we have continued to look at even more ways to increase the highways budget.

“We are particularly keen to address the condition of residential roads.

“The council does carry out regular inspections of the highways network.

“However, with 2,600 miles of road in Nottinghamshire to maintain, the support of the public in identifying any defects, including potholes, street lights and road signs is vital.”