Huthwaite artist draws inspiration from the stars

Huthwaite artist Antonio Bosano.
Huthwaite artist Antonio Bosano.

AN ACCOMPLISHED Huthwaite artist, who creates pencil portraits of the stars, has set up his own business after rediscovering his love of drawing.

Antonio Bosano began sketching his own comic strips as a youngster and carried on drawing until he was in his 20s.

Huthwaite artist Antonio Bosano.

Huthwaite artist Antonio Bosano.

But, despite not picking up a pencil for a quarter of a century, the 54-year-old has now decided to indulge his passion for art by creating a vast series of pencil drawings, which includes the likes of Elvis Presley, Brian Clough and Marilyn Monroe.

“I was always interested in art,” says Antonio, who has worked in financial services for the past 31 years.

“I suppose the interest really picked up when my parents moved to Nottingham and there was a family next door to us. One of the teenage boys was generating his own comic strips. A lot of it was science fiction, but then I recall he did a wonderful book about the Golden Fleece, a mythological tale.

“I basically started to copy him. I’d always loved comic strips.”

Encouraged by his teachers, Antonio was soon producing his own comic strips which were distributed around his school and by his teenage years, the seeds were sown for his life-long interest in films.

He said: “I was always fascinated by promotional movie posters, particularly those that have a composite shot of the faces of the key actors and actresses and also some of the pivotal scenes from the motion picture.”

Despite his talent for art, Antonio gave it up so he could concentrate on his other big interest: music.

“I got more heavily involved in playing and recording music. Because of the cost of the recording equipment, I felt obligated to do music rather than drawing,” says Antonio, who plays the guitar and keyboards.

“But in 2011 I just started drawing again. I drew a few people and as always I was experimenting with different quality papers.

Along with recreating the physical features of his subjects, Antonio also likes to delve into their lives and examines the subject of fame itself - which he has described as very ‘ephemeral’.

Speaking about his portrait of the late Princess Diana he said: “She didn’t compose music or create great literary works so it’s more difficult to assess what her legacy will be.”

Recently, he also published a biography on John Lennon, called Reflections on a Life, which is available as a Kindle book.

Antonio, whose project has been boosted by business advice service LEO, Kirkby web design firm Two Little Fishes and Chester-based Loud Object, is now keen to build on his current repertoire in the future.

He added: “Eventually I’d like to expand away from just head and shoulder shots to longer distance shots of key scenes (from films).”

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