Hunt for falconry items stolen from Ravenshead

Police have issued pictures of specialist falconry and hunting equipment identical to items stolen from a house in Ravenshead last month to help recover them for the owner.

The stolen items include a creance stick and leather lure pad, and Marshall telemetry equipment, including a tracking device, receiver and bag.

The items were stolen from the house on Dunnock Close some time between Sunday 26th December and Friday 31st December.

Investigating officer DC Stuart Hutchinson, of Carlton CID, said: “These are very distinctive and specialised items that certainly members of the hunting and falconry fraternity may recognise, but that would perhaps not be familiar to members of the public in general.

“They are clearly of great value to the owner, not purely from a financial point of view but also because of their usefulness.

“I would like to hear from anybody who believes they have a credible suggestion as to where these items might be or who might have taken them.”

Anyone with information about the burglary or the current whereabouts of these items should telephone Carlton CID on 0300 300 9999 ext 811 6737.