Hundreds sign Chad petition for safety cameras at Cuckney Hill A60 accident blackspot

Some of the signatures on the Chad A60 petition.
Some of the signatures on the Chad A60 petition.

HUNDREDS of people have backed Chad’s campaign to have speed cameras installed at a notorious accident blackspot responsible for six deaths in the last six years.

Support has flooded in for the appeal after 24-year-old Luke Winter, of Nether Langwith, became the latest victim on the A60 Cuckney Hill between Church Warsop and Cuckney.

Mr Winter’s pregnant partner Keeley Nattriss has also lost her father Tony following an accident on the same stretch of road in 2009.

Dozens of Chad petition forms have now been completed highlighting public concern about how fast cars are travelling on the road - particualary around the blind corner at the brow of the hill.

Mansfield’s MP Sir Alan Meale has labelled the area a ‘nightmare’ and has vowed to do all he can to help the campaign.

He said: “I congratulate the Chad. It’s essential the local population gets across their views about the inadequacies of our traffic systems.

“The whole stretch is a nightmare, it is very dangerous from start to finish. There are blind bends and junctions on both sides of the hill.

“It does nothing but encourage motorists to go round dangerous corners without the appropriate level of care.

“People drive up both sides of the hill thinking it’s a motorway or a dual carriageway and they gain momentum going into a blind corner at the top of the hill with no idea what’s coming the other way.

“It is question of speed and it doesn’t take much to engineer a mechanism to slow everyone down and make them drive more carefully. We need cameras on both sides of the hill.

“It’s not a recent problem, there have been accidents and deaths over a long period of time. I will get the traffic officer responsible for this part of the county to pay another visit within a month to see how bad it is.”

You can sign the petition at Chad’s Newgate Lane reception in Mansfield or at Warsop newsagents.