Hundreds join march to help save Thoresby Colliery

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Hundreds of people from across the country joined a march at the weekend to help save Thoresby Colliery from imminent closure.

More than 300 men have been laid off already at the coal pit which is being wound down and is expected to cease coal production later this year with the loss of a further 300 jobs.

Thoresby is the last deep coal mine in the East Midlands, and one of just three left in the country.

But campaigners want the Government to accept a current state aid bid to keep the colliery, along with Kellingley in South Yorkshire where the march was held, open until the end of 2018.

Labour parliamentary candidate for Sherwood, Léonie Mathers, and miners from Thoresby Colliery were joined by Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner, on the march.

Léonie said: “Miners and their families haven’t forgotten what a Tory Government did to our communities thirty years ago. ”

However, Sherwood MP Mark Spencer defended his actions and said he was continuing to work behind the scenes for the best financial deal possible for the pit.

He said UK Coal had been asking for £300m to extend the pit’s life, which he felt was not possible to convince the Government to come up with.