Hundreds back petition to save Mansfield pub

Kash and Jason Field are campaigning to save the William IV pub on Stockwell Gate Mansfield, whihc has been there since 1835
Kash and Jason Field are campaigning to save the William IV pub on Stockwell Gate Mansfield, whihc has been there since 1835

Regulars are fuming after plans have been submitted to turn the William IV pub - which has been on Stockwell Gate since 1835 - into houses and flats.

Jason and Kashryn Field took over the pub in May 2014 from Martson’s brewery thinking they would have the lease until December 2017, however they are now at a loss as to why plans have been submitted for residential use.

“We thought we had time to turn the pub around and make Marston’s realise this pub does well and people of the community want it.

“Now the fact that plans have been submitted we feel cheated and kept out of the loop which is wrong when all we want is to make William IV the success it can be.”

In response to the proposed plans, staff have started a petition to keep it open which has 175 signatures and Jason wants to get at least 500 over the Christmas period.

Jason, 44 and Kash 34, have over 40 years between them of being in the pub trade.

“No other pubs in the areas have functions rooms and that makes us an important part of the community, that and we have regulars which have been coming in here for 40 years - so where would they go if this was flats or houses?”

As there has been a pub or beer house on the site since the 19th century Jason wants to try and keep the pub citing grounds of historical importance.

A spokesperson from Historic England said: “Anyone can apply to have a historic building listed. Listing celebrates the historic or architectural importance of a building and brings it under the consideration of the planning system. Once Historic England receives an application to list a building, we assess whether it has enough special interest to merit listing in a national context then we advise the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, which makes the final decision on every listing. There is no set timeframe for this process but if a building is under threat of demolition the process can sometimes be sped up.”

The couple who have four children have made Stockwell Gate their home and say they the pub is doing better than ever.

“We are getting new faces in and they are coming back which means we are doing something right to keep people.”

William IV was one of hundreds of pubs across the country which were sold off to New River Retail, who have submitted the plans.

Objectors have 21 days to lodge their concerns with Mansfield District Council before the ideas will be discussed at a planning meeting.

However, Jason added: “New River Retail has now contacted us saying they didn’t realise there was so much history on the site.
“A meeting has been set up for January 5 and I hope it goes well but we still want people to sign the petition and show how loved our pub really is.”