Hucknall residents say work needs to be done to prevent flooding before work on developments start

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Residents living in Hucknall’s flooding hot spots were on high alert on Monday as a torrential rain storm hit the area.

Homeowners in Thoresby Dale and Watnall Road were once again holding their breath as drains outside their homes failed to do their job causing the roads to once again become a sea of water.

“It’s like living on a knife-edge every time it rains.My partner called me at work panicking when the water started edging up the drive,” said Thoresby Dale resident, Gary Willis. “I was on my way home from work and got home luckily in time to close the gates and get the sandbags in place.

“The water did flood the drive and garden but it didn’t get over the threshold but if it had continued raining heavily for a further five minutes it probably would have.

“We bought our house in 2011 and was assured then that Severn Trent had fixed the flooding problem but it has come back to bite us and our home insurance has doubled but some neighbours can’t even get it.”

The area close to Rolls-Royce on Watnall Road also suffered and residents’ concerns have deepened since Ashfield District Council gave the neighbouring huge housing and business development the green light

“When we heard the weather warning on Friday we took action and put our boards in place at the end of our drive,” said Pat Scothern whose property was badly affected last year when the traffic caused waves of water to lap up to her front door.

“Our concern is that this situation is only going to get much worse when the devlopment begins as there will be an increase in traffic and more homes using the drainage system,” added Mrs Scothern. “We want a solution to this flooding problem before work on the development is undertaken.”