Hucknall floods continue to cause havoc in town

Hucknall flood.'Thoresby Dale flood.
Hucknall flood.'Thoresby Dale flood.

News that the investigation into the July floods by Nottinghamshire County Council will be delayed until the summer has been met with frustration by Hucknall residents.

The much-anticipated in-depth study into last summer’s flooding across the district was due in April.

But the county council announced this week that the results of the study have been delayed and residents will have to wait.

“We are very disappointed,” said Bill Ward of Thoresby Dale who has been fighting for improvements on the street on behalf of residents.

“I just don’t understand why it is taking so long. It will be almost a year from the time of the last floods to the time we get to know what the findings are,” added Mr Ward. “And then we will have to wait again until something is actually done. “

Nottinghamshire County Council, working in partnership with Severn Trent Water, the Environment Agency and Ashfield District Council, commissioned the detailed study following flooding in the area in July.

The study is being carried out by specialist consultants URS who are experienced in modelling and analysing water and drainage systems.

It aims to give an insight into the impact and possible causes of the flooding, how often it is likely to occur and any feasible solutions to reduce the risk of flooding in the future such as property level protection, engineering works and sustainable drainage systems.

“The whole situation is very frustrating for us all,” added Mr Ward. “I would have hoped that with flooding so much in the news nationally it would have been more of a priority- but this isn’t the case

“It seems they are not bothered about us as we are only 10 houses but the effects are just as devastating.”

Since November, a large amount of information has been collected from a range of different organisations to build a complete picture of the risk of flooding from all sources including surface water, watercourses and sewers.

“The study into the flooding in Hucknall is advancing well and we had hoped that it would be finalised by April,” said Andy Wallace, the county council’s flood risk manager.

“However the data collection has taken longer than we anticipated and Severn Trent Water is undertaking more detailed inquiries to ensure the information for the study is based on robust, accurate and timely information.

“It is because we are receiving so much information that the report is being delayed slightly, until the summer.

That is not necessarily a bad thing because we need to understand exactly what has been happening.”