Hucknall author launches e-book

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A Hucknall author is breaking new ground by releasing a free e-book and game to launch his latest work.

David Edwards, who has written books in the past under pseudonym Jack George Edmunson for The Sun Sharer books, grew up in the town on Carlingford Road and still has family in the area.

Despite the successful author now living in Switzerland, he returns not only to visit relatives but to walk in Newstead Abbey where his aunt was the local school mistress.

“She inspired my love of literature, especially local heroes like Byron and D H Lawrence,” said David, who hit the headlines in 2010 when he left his high-flying career to tour in a caravan and start writing.

“Byron used to live where I am now in Montreux, Switzerland,” added David. “He wrote the poem, The Prisoner of Chillon whilst here. So hopefully, he will inspire me further.”

David’s latest project, The Black Hand Gang, is designed to help kids to read.

“It was for my son, as I used to tell him stories about The Black Hand Gang when sat on the beach in Catalonia.”

The bestselling author has created an adventure story for 9 - 14 year olds that ‘combines action and pace with technology and social networking in an epic event’.

It is already getting people talking with 500,000 retweets and the website getting 250 hits a day, 100 people downloading the free book and 20 per cent are playing the free electronic game.

“I am delighted it is going really well,” said David. “Astonished really, as there is no paper book, just five different ‘e’ versions, all marketed electronically, because the whole plot is built around the misuse of Facebook.

The Black Hand Gang is available free on Amazon : And also as 4 different ebook formats via: