HS2 line will wipe out hamlet of Langton if plans approved

Houses on Kirkby Lane in the hamlet of Langton, near Pinxton, which are to be demolished if the HS2 railway line gets the go-ahead.
Houses on Kirkby Lane in the hamlet of Langton, near Pinxton, which are to be demolished if the HS2 railway line gets the go-ahead.

A Langton woman has said she fears her hamlet will be wiped off the map if plans for High Speed 2 (HS2) go ahead.

Diane Chadburn lives with her husband directly on the preferred HS2 route on Kirkby Lane, Langton.

The small hamlet is located between Kirkby and Pinxton and currently stands in the way of Phase 2 to build a fast train line connecting the UK’s major cities.

But if plans are approved, it will be completely knocked off the map.

“Langton is already a small hamlet, if the HS2 plans go ahead it will be completely wiped out altogether with a big train line running straight through it,” Mrs Chadburn said.

Along with many other of the hamlet’s residents, Mrs Chadburnsaid she has all but given up hope to save her home: “We have been advised to stay put until it has been decided one way or the other.

“Up until now we haven’t officially objected to the plans because we are of the opinion that if it’s going to go ahead it will go ahead, there’s no stopping it. Our house will be compulsory purchased.

“It is not likely that HS2 will be at that stage though until 2020 and that is a long time to have this decision hanging over our heads.

“Although they say we will be compensated, nothing can compensate for this.”

Mrs Chadburn’s mother, Mrs Goodall, also lives on the preferred route and is among a number of home owners that will be demolished if plans are given the go ahead.

The proposed line through Nottinghamshire will have a station at Toton to connect East Midlands cities Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.

Mrs Chadburn added: “It is a small community and it is a shame that this whole cluster will be demolished for this train line. We don’t understand the benefits.

“Already millions of pounds are being spent and that will shave 10 or 15 minutes off people’s journeys, what is the point? It will end up being a rich man’s railway. I would still feel the same about the HS2 plans even if I was not affected directly by them.”

MP for Ashfield, Gloria de Piero, said the Government must work closely with communities: “When Phase 2 of HS2 was first announced I made it very clear that my first priority was to the people of Ashfield and that I’d do all I can to help those who may be affected. The Government must ensure that they respond fully to specific local issues like Langton and that there is proper compensation to residents who may be affected or blighted.”