How to create a fly tipper

I have an old settee no longer fit for use so I decided to dispose of it - lawfully. I decided to take it down the recycling centre on Kestrel Road in Mansfield.

Sadly the settee would not fit in my car even with the seats all down so I waited for a day when I had to hire a van to move some other furniture and then loaded the settee in the back of the van. On arriving at the tip I was told that I could not enter without a permit. I explained my situation but the ‘jobs-worth’ stuck to his guns and I was turned away.

I could have just driven out into the countryside I suppose and dumped the settee, thereby joining the growing number of fly tippers whose rubbish we see scattered about the area. Instead, I took the settee home and I am now having to pay the council to collect it.

As I was sat at the recycling centre I also noticed a sign which states that no walk-ons are allowed. I suppose that prevents me parking my van around the corner and dragging the settee through the gate and it did occur to me how ridiculous this situation is. If my car was bigger and I managed to get the settee in it but I broke down as I approached the gate of the recycling centre, would the staff allow me to push my car through the gate so I could dispose of the settee or would that still be classed as walking?

The position of the council appears to be that what is recycled is not as important as how it gets to the site...there must be others who have been caught this way and who have resorted to the illegal disposal of their items. Come on chaps - use your common sense and don’t turn law abiding folk into eco-terrorists!

D. Baxter,

Berry Hill,