How much is all this costing us?

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I must confess to being rather confused by the whole saga of the Lindhurst development.

In his column in the Chad of 12 March 2014 the Mayor explained how delighted he was that the Council had succeeded in defeating the appeal by those who were seeking to overturn the decision to develop the site.

The Mayor set out how vital the development was to the future growth and prosperity of our town.

What the Mayor was most proud about however was a glowing endorsement that he received from Shlomo Dowen who has championed the campaign against the project.

Apparently our Mayor received a message from Mr Dowen who, quoting from the column, told Mr Egginton: “Thank you for your kind words and friendly mutual respect……

“As said – no animosity, just a need to work together to bring about the outcomes for Mansfield. Always happy to work positively with you for the benefit of Mansfield.”

I then read in your paper (26 March 2014) that the group of residents led by Mr Dowen have launched another appeal against the decision by the court that Mr Egginton told us had brought closure to the whole affair and the development would proceed.

With friends like Mr Dowen, who needs enemies?

Mr Dowen has obviously made something of a fool of our Mayor who appears out of his depth when it comes to such hugely important issues for our town..

The Council have twice defeated legal challenges but now face a third. How much is this costing the Council Tax payers of Mansfield?

And why is Councillor Martin Wright, the Mayor’s Independent Party colleague supporting the campaign of the objectors by giving written evidence?

I understand that it is not in fact Mr Dowen who has brought the claims in the High Court but an individual who enjoys the benefit of Legal Aid, at a cost I assume of very little or nothing to her.

I assume that this person has been put forward because her financial position qualifies her for free or cheap legal representation, whereas Mr Dowen and all the other residents so concerned about the Nightjars and Woodlarks of Harlow Wood have income and assets that mean they would have to pay for their own legal representation to repeatedly drag the Council through the courts.

It seems they are not prepared to put their money where their mouths are.

Rather than the Mayor and his Independent Party colleagues just being happy for his ego to be massaged they should stand up for the majority of Council Tax payers who are picking up the bill for all this.
Paul Bradshaw

Via email.