Housing crisis: Demand is to blame

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In reply to Mr Mclean’s letter (Chad January 29th) I am not a member of UKIP or for that matter any other political party as implied by Mr Mclean.

The woes of the housing crisis can only be put down to the demand of the population. Regarding the claim that landlords milk the system through your knowledge of this practice as chairman of the Fair Rents Panel in bygone times, I would ask if you at any time lobbied your Labour party when in office for 13years 1997-2010 for changes or were you happy to accept taxpayers’ money being wasted?

If the latter was the case, then this contributed to the welfare system ballooning and especially housing support trebling in those years, making the deficit your party left much larger than it might have been.

At least with the economy of late at 1.9% GDP with unemployment falling dramatically to 7.1%, housing benefit should fall, and hopefully people may buy houses, meaning fewer landlords should be around. However 220,000 predicted new houses are required to be built each year for the next decade through population growth. This will destroy our green and pleasant countryside that’s for sure.

Housing divided by population equals shortage.

Stephen Garner

Independent County Councillor Mansfield South

What do YOU think? What is the problem behind the housing crisis and how do we solve it?

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