House fire jury sent out to consider manslaughter verdict on former Mansfield man Mick Philpott

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A JURY in the trial of a former Mansfield man accused of setting a fire which killed six of his children has retired to consider its verdict today (Wednesday).

Judge Mrs Justice Kate Thirlwall continued her summing-up of the in which Mick Philpott, his wife Mairead (32) and a third defendant deny manslaughter.

The Philpotts’ six children died in a fire at their home in Victory Road, Derby, in May last year.

Justice Thirlwall told the jury: “It is not alleged any of the accused deliberately tried to end the lives of the six children.

“These charges are manslaughter and not murder. You have heard a huge amount of evidence, but what you have not heard is anything from anyone who saw the fire being set.

“All the evidence is circumstantial and there is nothing wrong with that. Some of the most powerful cases involve circumstantial evidence.’

“Remember this – this is a criminal trial, it is real life not (the TV show) CSI.”

The prosecution allege Mick Philpott (56) had a plan to frame his mistress Lisa Willis (29) over the fire during a custody battle over her five children, four of them his, but the plan went ‘horribly wrong’.

Third defendant Paul Mosley (46) did not go into the witness box to give evidence in his defence. His counsel Ben Nolan told the jury the case against him was ‘flimsy’.

The jury of seven men and five women were sent out to consider their verdict on day 31 of the trial.