House building: open door policy

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Referring to the Labour leaders comments in the Chad (December 18): so houses in Labour areas of the Country are being built at a faster rate than in Conservative areas or Mansfield, according to the local Labour leader.

This could be because other areas value their green belt and green fields more for healthy living.

The whole issue of housing shortage has been created by the last Labour government through their open-door policy, causing mass immigration into Britain (2.9 million between 2001 and 2011 yet only 2.7million for the previous 50 years).

If the EU ‘open-door’ is taken into account this figure rises to 7.5 million).

So the consequences are that there is now not only a shortage of homes, but schools bursting at the seams with extra classrooms required, and the NHS not able to cope with sudden population growth.

All this when the United Kingdom was being plunged into recession by the last Labour government which spent, spent, spent during the boom times, without putting contingency money by for a ‘rainy day’.

Now other parties and local authorities are grappling with the financial implications of this due to austerity measures introduced to balance the books of our economy.

With regard to a small housing development on Flint Avenue I think it is only right that the Deputy Mayor gets value for money for the taxpayer and does not waste public money on over-priced development. 16 new homes being held back a while will not make much difference to the housing crisis that Labour government created.

Mansfield Independents built 47 new council houses – compare that with the 25 years of Labour administration in Mansfield when they built none.

County Councillor Stephen Garner

Mansfield South