HOROSCOPES: Your stars for Feb 24 to March 2

John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

What do the stars hold in store for you this week? Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell has the latest horoscope..

Aries: You have the upcoming new moon highlighting a yearning for a new fresh start this week; but you are unsure about how to get the ball rolling, and basically lacking direction. A few of the planets are also working against your best wishes which I’m afraid, is going to frustrate you in relationships.

Taurus: There are arguments coming in, between some of the strong male figures around you, in your life. They want to please you and see you smile and life; however, what is it that you really want in your life, that they are picking up on?

Gemini : You are going to be the recipient of some unwelcome attention, as far as you are concerned that you really could do without; and you are going to let a certain person know your exact thoughts, and their exact position in no uncertain terms; which will not sit very well with them at all.

Cancer: You have got bold, but sketchy ideas; which in all honesty just might not hold any water in reality, that others might see, as vague dreams, and not give you the time of day. This could lower your levels of confidence in your abilities, and your natural trust in your friends temporarily.

Leo: You must be in the position currently to make an important decision or two, as the planets this week, are suggestion, that you take a big breath, take a step backwards, re-evaluate your situation, whilst taking a good look at where you are really at, and where you practically, have got the potential to realistically go next.

Virgo: All that I can say, is “ Go for it !“, in romance. You have a new moon in Pisces in your house of romance and marriage, so lower the standards and open yourself up to what is right in front of your eyes, and, on offer; because in some areas you could find life a struggle, but not in affairs of the heart.

Libra: You have got good vibes coming in your direction Libra when it comes to your working life and also the condition of your health. However on the latter; this comes with a warning, to apply the brakes a little and slow down. You do not need to do everything today; and you will find that trying to, will have a very tiring effect.

Scorpio: You are not going to seem to have enough time in your day Scorpio, and you dearly want to press ahead and get things done. The planets are deliberately slowing you down , and encouraging you to think longer term. The advice is that if the job is worth doing, then its worth doing really well, and producing brilliant results that say something about you !

Sagittarius: It’s been mentioned a few times now Sagittarius that even though you enjoy getting out, and experiencing life, you are going to find a happier level of happiness stopping in and laughing with your family. The only thorn seems to be, someone in the background is beginning to annoy you, and shortly, you are intent on putting them straight!

Capricorn: You are going to be surprised by just how lethargic and unmotivated you feel at work, and surprisingly, even though your colleagues are trying their best to be nice and helpful; they will just get on your nerves. A holiday is going to be at the back of your mind, and it wants to happen soon!

Aquarius: You could very well be contemplating getting yourself ready for an important job interview shortly that could make quite a difference. There is about to become a reshuffle of your life outside working hours; but I feel it’s possible that your working life has become a tad tiresome and a fresh outlook would be welcome.

Pisces: I think that you will find yourself seeking your own solace for a little while, and wanting to get away from some, as whom you see as being annoying, to say that least. You are slowly planning lasting change in your environment; that will be a bit slower happening than first thought, but it involves you yourself first altering a lot of your own routine!