Honesty is alive and well


I feel I must write this letter as a gratitude of thanks to the honest taxi driver who took us home on 22nd March.

We’d alighted a bus at Sutton Bus Station after being away for the week, we decided to get a taxi off the Taxi Rank in Sutton to our home in Mansfield.

On our way to the taxi rank I called at the Cashpoint to withdraw some cash.

We walked to the front of the queue near Asda In Sutton In Ashfield and found a helpful driver who picked our cases up and put them in his boot. Me and my wife were greeted with, “Where would you like to go to” and, have you had a nice time?”

On the way home to Sutton Road in Mansfield the normal football banter started, I support Forest and the driver was a Mansfield Town Supporter.

When we reached our home the fare was £4.90, I had six lose pound coins in my pocket, before I knew it mine and my wife’s cases were at the door and the driver was walking back up the path towards his car with a smile, I thanked him for his help and told him to keep the change.

When we got into our house I felt my back pocket where I put my wallet and to my horror it wasn’t there. My wife and I went outside to see if I’d dropped it on the path or on the causeway. I’d just been to the bank prior to getting into the taxi and withdrew £200. It might have come out of my pocket inside the taxi or on the causeway and someone came past and picked it up.

I wasn’t at all bothered about the money, it was the hassle of contacting my bank, credit card company etc etc to cancel the cards and await replacements. We came to the conclusion that it was long gone and someone would’ve seen the wallet on the back seat behind the driver and picked it up or, someone walking past our house had picked it up.

Me and my wife went upstairs to find the contact numbers for my bank and credit card company so I could cancel the cards when, there was a knock at the door, I went downstairs opened the door and there stood the taxi driver who’d dropped us off earlier. He said have you lost something? I said “yes - a black wallet with £200 in notes inside.”

He said there you go sir I believe this is yours.

I didn’t think I’d ever get it back but, thanks to the honesty of the driver who we found out was called Nigel and who worked for A-Lline taxis in Sutton in Ashfield it was back in my hands. I offered him a reward for bringing it back but he wouldn’t take anything.

Can you thank Nigel on behalf of me and my wife via your letters page please?

Honesty is still alive and well in some parts of society.

Neil Grey