Home care: More jobs will be lost

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I would like to know who gives Coun Weisz the right to speak for the care workers and care providers of this area when she states that “the Council will work with those companies that are not successful in being awarded a contract to ensure that their care workers are transferred to the successful companies”?

Please bear in mind that the current local companies could not tender for this contract because they were not big national concerns turning over between £4m-£8.5m per year.

The local authority are clinging to the hope that workers will transfer en masse to the new Company(ies) by a method known as TUPE (where one Company takes another’s workers and gives them the same rights). The local authority expect this to happen because they are relying on the idea that current care providers have mostly local authority work which would revert to the incoming companies together with the staff. Can they really have overlooked the fact that the majority of private care providers have a mixture of both local authority and private and direct payment clients? Where would they expect this to leave these self funders? With no care because all their care workers have abandoned them for the new company?

Local care workers serve both private and local authority contracted clients within their company. They may have been with them for a number of years and not wish to transfer. The private and direct payment clients of their current company may outnumber those contracted through Notts County Council thus making it unviable for them to leave.

Does the councillor think that workers are mindless sheep to be herded where the local authority want them or that those paying privately should be deserted?

What about the whole layer of council front line staff who will go as part of the “efficiency savings” .

The idea is that these big companies must take all the work from the council regardless of whether they have the capacity to do it themselves, once they have the work they cannot hand it back so they will have to administer it themselves, whether by sub-contracting or some other means. This takes the onus from the Council who can then dispose of the majority of their Service Organisers and related admin staff. Another lot of jobs gone.

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