Holy Trinity plans prompt 'church court' investigation

Holy Trinity church, Kimberley
Holy Trinity church, Kimberley

Petitions against church plans to make major alterations to a Nottinghamshire church have prompted an investigation from Nottinghamshire's Church of England Diocese.

A hearing is set for Monday, March 11 at the Holy Trinity church in Kimberley after objections were made by members of the public against plans to remove the organ, tubular bells and to 're-order the interior of the church.

Kimberley resident Susan McEntee is an objector to the plans, and said she has complained because the alterations have been organised 'without any consultation with the public'.

She said: "What they're doing will render it not a church anymore, it won't be there if they, that's why I'm objecting to it.

"It needs to be discussed and the people of Kimberley need to know about it more broadly," added Susan, a grandmother who has lived in Kimberley for 30 years, and been a regular member of the Holy Trinity congregation for the past 15 years.

And it is only after her's and other's objections, she added, that the church has decided to hold an open planning-committee-style meeting' called a consistory court.

The church has reportedly applied for planning permission and been refused, so is appeaing the decision and in the mean time aims to sell surrounding land to pay for alterations to turn it into more of a community space with multiple usage.

"The re-ordering of the church doesn't need planning permsiion," sais Susan, "but the public needs to have their say about what they want to do inside."

Richard Ellis of Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham said: "The Parochial Church Council of Holy Trinity, Kimberley, applied for a ‘faculty’ – a form of planning consent used in the Church when alterations are being planned - to give it permission to refurbish the interior of the church.

"A public notice was posted advertising the application and three objections to the work were received. The Consistory Court, which rules on ‘faculties’, will now sit at the church to determine the application.

"The hearing, similar to a planning hearing, will be presided over by Ms Jacqueline Humphreys, the Acting Chancellor of the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham, who will make a decision on the faculty."