Highest netting speed cameras in Mansfield and Ashfield revealed

The speed camera on Mansfield’s A60 Nottingham Road is the most lucrative in the town, Chad can reveal.

Thursday, 7th August 2014, 2:31 pm
Speed camera on Watnall Road in Hucknall.

Freedom of Information figures obtained by Chad show that 5,729 motorists were handed fixed penalties after being caught speeding on the road between 2009 and 2014.

Other big earners include Derby Road A611, Annesley, with 3,694 and Mansfield’s A60 Woodhouse Road with 2,744, while Sutton Road A38 pulled in 1,133 and Hucknall’s Watnall Road netted 1,000.

The figures showed that, overall, the number of people fined after being caught on camera fell from 4,314 in 2010/11 to 3,384 in 2013/14.

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Fixed penalties result in a minimum payment of £100 and three penalty points, meaning higher insurance premiums.

But Chief Inspector Andrew Charlton, who heads up road casualty reduction for Nottinghamshire Police, puts the drop in fines down to a different reason.

Motorists caught breaking the speed limit who qualify for one are now offered driving courses as an alternative.

Said Ch Insp Charlton: “We have been offering them since 2009, but increased them dramatically in 2013-14.

“We see them as a positive move as they divert people away from prosecution and into education and free up the criminal justice system for other work. You also have to bear in mind that the number of people killed on Nottinghamshire roads last year dropped by 2,012.

“That means a lot less work for ambulance, hospital and police services.”

There are a number of different speed awareness courses depending on the offence and they are priced at less than the cost of a fine.

The courses are designed by academics to improve driving skills, attitude and behaviour for the safety of motorists and other road-users.

Figures produced last year showed that, nationally, almost 100 per cent of speeding motorists who were caught were taking them up.

“My belief is that part of the solution is the change into education,” said Ch Insp Charlton.

“Since 2010, 100,000 people have taken courses in Nottinghamshire – that is a huge slice of the population of drivers in the county.”

He said nine out of ten drivers were not caught re-offending after a course and he put that down to a more savvy way of avoiding detection, or a change of behaviour.

He added: “Perhaps they are working and are contributing to keeping our roads safer. We had nearly 100 fewer serious crashes last year.

“That equates to the cost of nearly another six officer posts.

“And when you take into account the savings for the ambulance service, hospitals and the insurance industry, it adds up to about £60m.”

Chi Insp Chalton said he hoped the courses would continue to keep the courts free for the worst offenders and make our roads safer.

Chad also asked Nottinghamshire Police to list the roads which generated the most fixed penalties in Mansfield and Ashfield.