Hi-tech cameras for Nottinghamshire County Council parking officers

Parking enforcement officers in Nottinghamshire are to go high-tech in the future with the provision of hand-held computers and personal video cameras.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s transport and highways committee has approved the awarding of a new contract for parking enforcement services across the county.

As part of that contract, enforcement officers will be issued with both GPRS enabled handheld computers and personal video cameras.

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The computers will be able to transmit issued penalty charge notices (PCNs) directly into the processing system rather than the current method by which they are uploaded each night.

This will allow drivers the opportunity to discuss any contravention immediately with the back office by using the details on the back of the PCN rather than having to wait until the next day.

It is also hoped that the video cameras will help reduce the number of assaults reported by enforcement officers and are used widely by other councils and the Police.