Hero worked rescues teenager from burning Mansfield building

Reluctant hero, Gas Service Layer Michael Smith saved a young Mansfield woman from a flat fire on Sunday.
Reluctant hero, Gas Service Layer Michael Smith saved a young Mansfield woman from a flat fire on Sunday.

AN HEROIC worker has described the moment he entered a burning building in Mansfield to rescue an unconscious teenager.

Gas service layer Michael Smith had been working with Murphy Group colleagues near to a block of flats on the Oak Tree Estate’s Shirland Avenue on Sunday afternoon just after 4pm when thick black smoke began pouring from the window of a downstairs flat.

The quick-thinking 28-year-old burst in through the front door and dragged out the female who had made it to the entrance corridor before collapsing. The 19-year-old had stopped breathing and Michael 
instructed a neighbour how to carry out effective CPR on the motionless woman, after he had re-entered the choking flat to ensure no-one else had been left behind.

He then used a brick to put the window through from the outside, and reached in with a fire extinguisher to dampen 
the flames engulfing the furniture.

Michael, a contract worker from Bradford, explained: “We saw the smoke billowing from an open window and you could see that it was really bad.

“Then one of the neighbours came out shouting ‘fire, fire, fire’, so I quickly went in through the main front door.

“ It was natural instinct, but I was not panicking.

“It was pitch black with smoke, you couldn’t see anything at all, but she was close to the door so I dragged her out.

“She was covered in soot and not breathing.

“We were all so relieved when she started breathing again because I honestly thought she was dead. I’m just so glad the CPR worked.”

Three fire crews arrived and were able to put the blaze out quickly before it spread and the teenager was taken to King’s Mill Hospital suffering from smoke inhilation.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Fire Service commended thsoe who helped saying: “We will be considering the actions that they took with a view to possibly nominating them for an award.”

Meawhile, a 19-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of arson and an investigsation is ongoing.