Here we go again

IN RESPONSE to a letter in Chad (10th October P8) ‘Spend more cash at Home’ was the claim. Well I cannot fault that! The only problem is a Labour County Councillor, Chris Winterton, said it. The money that the Labour party costs this nation is absolutely staggering.

He says ‘the Government is spending £12 billion on foreign aid’; all the political parties are in agreement with the foreign aid budget, especially his. The Labour MP for Bury South recently said the Government should enshrine that link of 0.7% and GNI in law for the foreign aid budget. That, incidently, is peanuts against the amount Labour’s PFI agreements will cost the taxpayer, £301 billion for £54.7 billion worth of assets. Sherwood Hospitals Trust is one of the 717 unpaid projects that we are paying for now and in the future. As for all the other unpalatable cuts and that the elderly will suffer, ‘was there ever going to be a different outcome with coffers the former government emptied? Now the coalition struggles to replenish the finances, with debt repayments commuted to the British tax payers to today.

Co Coun Stephen Garner,

Mansfield South.

Co Coun Stephen Garner,

Mansfield South