Help offered after Mansfield Santa's Grotto ruined

Staff at Mansfield indoor play centre PlayMania has been overwhelmed with support after their Santa's Grotto was destroyed.

Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 10:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 11:23 am

The soft play centre, on Chesterfield Road South, posted on social media that children had ruined the grotto which staff had spent time and effort setting up in a bid to provide some Christmas cheer.

The post said: “Absolutely sick that after we spent a lot of time and effort at work making a Santa’s grotto for the children that today some child/children saw fit to go and trash it to bits. Thanks a lot.”

However, not long after posting the statement on its Facebook page on Saturday, December 15, the community pulled together to offer the play centre staff support.

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One person said: “Do you need anything to help get it back to how it was?”

Others expressed their shock, with one person commenting: “Absolutely disgusting! How can people be so disrespectful?”

Another said: “I can’t believe that My son and his friend were there yesterday and had a little look with Santa and loved it!

“They obviously think it’s okay because it’s not theirs.

“That’s so wrong, hope you manage to get it back how it was.”

Pictures on the post shows presents and bags scattered across the floor of the grotto, along with broken furniture.

Staff from the centre also said they believed they knew the names of the people involved – and that one of the parents has posted a picture of their children trashing the grotto and laughing about it.

The centre declined to comment further.

Other social media users called for the culprits to be named, and for the play centre to report the incident to police.

One Facebook user said: “What kind of parents would allow their child to do that and think it’s funny?

“Report to the police as it is classed as criminal damage and the parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour.”

Another said: “If that was my child, I’d be taking them back there to apologise and sort out all the mess they have made.”

Staff at the centre had organised for Santa to visit the grotto today and on December 21, but it is not yet known if this will go ahead.

The centre will host a Christmas party on December 23, with a buffet and disco , along with games to keep youngsters entertained – see