'Help me buy wheelchair so I can play with my daughter' says disabled teenage mum

A teenage mum who suddenly lost the use of her legs is desperately trying to raise £2,000 to buy a life-changing wheelchair.

Holly Brown, 16, said she needs the chair because her life-changing condition "stops her from feeling like a proper mum".

Holly and Alyssia

Holly and Alyssia

She told your Chad it would give her her independence back, and enable her to look after her two-year-old daughter Alyssia.

Holly, who became mum aged just 13, started getting pains in her leg and back in August 2018.

After her legs became weak, she collapsed in King's Mill Hospital, but doctors could not find out what was wrong with her.

She was given a temporary wheelchair, which is breaking due to her long-term use.

The teen, who lives in Warsop with her mum, Jennifer, and Alyssia, said: "When I collapsed, I had an MRI scan and blood tests, but doctors couldn't find anything wrong.

"I can't go out alone in this wheelchair - I don't have a life.

"Its upsetting - I love my daughter to death but I can't do much.

"I can play games with her but I can't sit on the floor or run after her - I feel like I'm not a mum."

Holly wants to go to college to study business, and already runs her own online shop selling handmade jewellery and baby items.

She added: "I can't claim disability benefits as I don't have a diagnosis.

"My life has been taken away from me - I am unable to be independent, to look after my own daughter, to have a life, and my wheelchair is unfit for going out, so I cannot leave the house often.

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