Help for carers at roadshows in Mansfield and Ashfield

Peter Robinson for National Carers Week.
Peter Robinson for National Carers Week.

Being a full-time carer for a loved one can be a difficult and isolating experience at times and trying to find the right services is sometimes an extra challenge.

But two roadshow events which are being held in Sutton and Mansfield next week as part of National Carers’ Week aim to help signpost people to the many services on offer to carers.

The event, which is run by a number of organisations including Nottinghamshire County Council and Ashfield Voluntary Action, has the theme ‘Prepare to Care’ and the roadshows will be held at Sutton’s Idlewells shopping centre on Monday and at Mansfield Market on Tuesday between 10am and 3pm.

Peter Robinson is from the Nottinghamshire Carers’ Alliance which brings together different support groups from across the county and helps people who are caring for someone with a mental illness.

He says: “When you become a carer for the first time, you don’t know where to turn for information or where you can go to get moral support.

“The main benefit of the groups is that people in the groups can mix with other people who know what they are going through.”

Peter says that mental illness can be more difficult for a carer to cope with compared to other conditions.

“There is no cure for mental illness,” he said.

“There is a stigma associated with it and you have got caring responsibilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“It embraces social issues and it breaks up families or hurts families but you rarely see adverts for mental illness.”

At the carers’ roadshow people will be able to pick up different leaflets while representatives from different groups will be on hand to offer advice. Folk can also find out about the emergency card for carers which lets the authorities know that they are a carer if they are in an accident.