Heartless yobs slash disabled ex-serviceman’s tyres

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Vandals have caused more than £1,000 damage to the cars of a disabled ex-serviceman just weeks after the tragic death of his wife.

Paul Walters 39, has been left counting the cost after he discovered yobs had slashed all four tyres on his jeep Cherokee car and on a mini owned by his late wife Emma.

Paul of Walesley Lane New Ollerton said he was heartbroken by the attack which has left him struggling to pay for Emma’s funeral.

He said; “The people that did this are the lowest of the low.

“I have watched my wife die from cancer at the age of 35 and I have my three year old daughter Seren to bring up.”

He discovered the damage yesterday and is offering a £500 reward for any information to catch the culprits.

Paul suffers from a neurological disease contracted when he worked for the RAF spraying paint on aircraft.

He needs bottled oxygen and takes tablets for his condition.

He said: They did all the tyres so I can’t even drive to the garage to replace them.

“I was putting Emma’s car into storage for Seren when she grows up.”

“I can’t really afford to offer a reward but I want these people to be convicted and then named and shamed.”