“Heartless” former care assistant and partner physically abused frail man they cared for

Lindsay Fox, 35 and Craig Hagen, 37,  have been handed ASBI orders.
Lindsay Fox, 35 and Craig Hagen, 37, have been handed ASBI orders.

A “heartless” former care assistant and her partner have been handed anti-social behaviour injunctions after physically abusing a frail Bassetlaw man they were trusted to care for.

Lindsay Fox, aged 35 and 37-year-old Craig Hagen, both of no fixed abode, moved themselves into the pensioner’s home against his wishes, vandalised communal areas of the A1 Housing property, used drugs in the property and verbally abused fellow residents who live in the complex.

Don Spittlehouse, managing director at A1 Housing, which manages the complex, said; “Fox and Hagen are unscrupulous and heartless individuals who were callous and calculating in their abuse of this vulnerable and elderly gentleman.”

Fox was originally employed as a care assistant for the elderly resident, but did not disclose her drug addiction prior to employment, which followed a period where the resident attempted to help Fox by giving her money for food and toiletries.

The pair then began to take advantage of their victim.

The elderly and frail victim eventually summoned up the courage to ask the pair to leave his home, on Wellington Square, Retford, but was subjected to verbal and physical abuse by Fox and Hagen.

The pair had to be removed from the property by the police.

Between October 2015 and June 2016, the police were called a total of 20 times.

However, each time they left, the pair would return and verbally abuse residents, throw stones at windows, and threaten their victim with violence.

The injunctions prevent Fox and Hagen from entering an exclusion zone that includes sections of Arlington Way, Wellington Street, Moorgate and Springfield Road, in Retford, including the streets located within this zone.

The injunctions, given at Nottingham County Court, will remain in place until June 2017.

The pair were also ordered to each pay costs of £1,133.80.

Councillor Julie Leigh, Bassetlaw District Council cabinet member for neighbourhood, said; “This is a harrowing tale of events no one should ever have to be subjected to, let alone a vulnerable individual such as this.

“I have great sympathy for the victim.”