Think FAST to save lives from stroke

Local people are being encouraged to think ‘FAST’ about the early symptoms of a stroke, as the hard-hitting television campaign is re-launched.

NHS Nottinghamshire County wants people to remember the Act F.A.S.T campaign which shows the four easy steps to identify a stroke. It stands for Facial weakness, Arm weakness, Speech problems and Time to call 999 immediately

The TV adverts, which will screen for the next two weeks, show a stroke spreading like fire in the brain. It is hoped that more people will recognise the signs of stroke so that they can help family and friends.

Mary Corcoran, Consultant lead for stroke from NHS Nottinghamshire County said: “The faster a stroke patient receives treatment, the better their chances of surviving and reducing long-term disability.

“In Nottinghamshire we are extremely proud of the services we offer to our stroke patients and have been recently named as one of the top performers in England.

“However, suffering a stroke can be devastating for anyone, so taking measures to raise awareness is very important. We hope the FAST campaign gets the important message across that quick treatment can save lives.”