Telephone upgrade for busy surgery

Willowbrook Medical Practice, Sutton-in-Ashfield.
Willowbrook Medical Practice, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

A Sutton GP practice says it is in the process of upgrading its telephone system after patients complained that they could not get through to make appointments.

A number of patients at Willowbrook Medical Practice, on Brook Street, contacted Chad with concerns after reading that it has recently merged with Pantiles Medical Centre.

Their concerns centred on the difficulties they encounter while trying to book appointments with a GP, fearing that this problem would only get worse with more patients joining the practice.

One female patient said that it takes up to 20 minutes for a telephone call to be answered and it has taken three days to make an appointment before because she could not get through.

Others said they would consider leaving the practice if it proved impossible to make an appointment.

But a spokesman for Willowbrook told Chad that they were aware of the problems patients have been having contacting the surgery and are in the process of upgrading their telephone system in bid to resolve the issue.

This is the result of feedback received in the practice’s Patient Participation Survey, which revealed that the telephone service and access to appointments were priority areas for patients.

An improvement action plan was put in place and this has led to the telephone system upgrade and an increase of around ten per cent in the number of appointments with GPs and nurses available to patients each day.

“It was something we were well aware of and have now had the time and financial opportunity to address,” the spokesman said.

“By the end of April we anticipate that our new telephone system will be in place and operational.”

Willowbrook has also set up a phone line so patients can give feedback on its service. This is Mansfield 513241.