Super slimmer Stuart is Britain’s best

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Super slimmer Stuart Eggleshaw is Britain’s greatest loser - and that’s official!

The 43-year-old was crowned the country’s best slimmer having shed an incredible 22 stone 9lbs in less than two years.

Stuart, who is from Kirkby and works for Mansfield Town FC, picked up the award at the recent Slimming World Awards in London.

Last year Chad had reported how junk-food-scoffing Stuart had made the decision to turn his life around having steadily piled on the pounds from a young age.

He was persuaded to join Slimming World in Sutton, alter change his eating habits and begin an exercise programme which has now led to him signing up to compete in triathlons.

Now at 14 stone 5lbs, he has shed 34” from his waist, and 14” from his collar size,

And it has given him a new lease of life, saying: “Before, I would park the car as close to wherever I was going because I found walking just short distances very difficult.

“Now I cycle around 40 miles a week, run around 15 miles a week and play five-a-side football twice a week – and I love it. I’m hoping to do a half marathon next year.

“I’ve got two nephews who I can run around with and do more adventurous things like visit theme parks and take them on holiday.”

Prior to mending his calorie-laden ways, for breakfast Stuart would regularly wolf down a fried full-English breakfast, two large coronation chicken cobs for lunch with a large bag of crisps and various chocolate bars.

For dinner he would put away two pasties, up to three packs of pre-made sandwiches and another large bag of crisps.

He would also scoff down several chocolate bars throughout the day.

Now, he will have cereal and fruit for breakfast, a jacket potato with beans and salad for lunch, and grilled chicken breast with boiled rice and vegetables for dinner.

He will also snack on fruit between meals.