Staff give Nottinghamshire NHS trust a clean bill of health

THUMBS UP -- staff at the Millbrook mental-health unit in Sutton took part in the survey.
THUMBS UP -- staff at the Millbrook mental-health unit in Sutton took part in the survey.

The Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, which covers services in Mansfield and Ashfield, has been given the thumbs up by the staff it employs.

In the latest national NHS staff survey, the organisation has been recommended as a place to work or to receive treatment.

The survey is recognised as an important way of ensuring that the views of employees are heard, so that they can provide better patient-care.

Although Nottinghamshire Healthcare runs many hospitals, clinics and health centres, its results for the survey cover only the mental health and learning disability categories. But the survey places it in the top 20% of such trusts in the country and has scored above the national average in several areas.

The Nottinghamshire trust is a key provider of mental-health care, including at the Millbrook unit at King’s Mill Hospital in Sutton.

The results indicate that staff are able to contribute to improvements at work, and feel both motivated and engaged in their jobs. When compared to the national average, the Nottinghamshire trust scored best in 18 categories. These included feeling low levels of stress or pressure at work, receiving relevant training and support, and experiencing low levels of harassment or bullying.

Chief executive Ruth Hawkins said: “We are delighted with the results of the survey. There are always areas for improvement, but overall we are confident that we have a motivated workforce that feels valued and able to deliver the best possible services.”