Shirebrook dad trapped in hospital for 88 days needs your vote to get him home to his kids

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A Shirebrook mum has appealed for votes that will mean her husband can return home from hospital.

Steve Dixon, 47, had a stroke in March, which has left him paralysed down the left hand side.

Following a craniostomy to remove half of his skull, Steve is now having to be rehabillitated.

Steve’s wife, Sam said: “He’s such a hard working man and he’s doing amazing after what he’s been through. We have been told multiple times that he wasn’t going to make it, and he’s been in King’s Mill Hospital for 88 days now.”

Sam has appealed for people to vote for him, so the family can receive the materials they need to adapt his house so he can move home again.

The competition is being run by building merchant Jewson’s, to find a well- deserving ‘trade hero’, as Steve was a civil engineer before he fell ill.

Sam has to balance taking care of their four children, and seeing Steve in Hospital.

She said: “We need to adapt our house or Steve will be confined to the living room. “

She added: “He has worked hard all his life and does not qualify for any other assistance. Having these materials donated to us will make a huge difference.”

Steve is ready physically to be discharged from hospital, but until their home is adapted, he will have to stay in the living room.

Steve is unable to do anything for himself and will require carers once home to assist with day to day life.

The alterations to their home are costly and time consuming for a family already under pressure.

The alterations include widening of the doors to allow a wheelchair through, a wet room with a hoist so that Steve can be washed, and specialist bed in the bedroom.

As the Dixons own their own home, they are responsible for the costs of adapting their home.

Sam said: “Steve has worked hard all his life, and now we want to do the right thing for him.”

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