Sherwood Forest Hospitals patients able to go home sooner after mastectomy

A project aimed to speed up discharge for patients having mastectomy operations has been hailed a huge success at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The East Midlands Cancer Network 23 hour Ambulatory Breast Care Project mastectomy pathway was introduced at the Trust in January 2011. The aim of the pathway is to treat and discharge women who need surgery within 23 hours, reducing their length of stay in hospital and improving their overall patient experience.

Patients are able to recover in their own home with regular contact and support from the Trust’s specialist breast care nursing team.

Mr Mohamed Jahan, Consultant Breast Surgeon at the Trust, said: “We are committed to providing first class care for our patients, and I am delighted that this important project has proved to be such a success.

“This development has allowed us to further improve the quality of care as our patients are seen, treated and discharged back to their families as soon as possible.

“Implementing different approaches such as this can deliver major improvements, and make a real and positive difference to patients’ experience”.

One patient who has benefitted from the pathway is Miss Joanne Taylor (45) from Meden Vale. Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2011 and had successful mastectomy surgery on 12th January this year.

Joanne said: “The diagnosis of breast cancer was a shock but I had prepared myself for the worst and had a positive frame of mind.

“The consultants caring for me were absolutely fantastic – they were totally professional, answered all of my questions and put me right at ease.

“It was amazing how quickly I was treated, and being back at home the day after my operation was amazing - I felt calmer and seemed to recover better in my own surroundings.

“Also the support from the breast care nurses was second to none – they were always there for me, either at home, in hospital or on the end of the phone.

Joanne is now looking forward to getting her life back to normal: “I feel really well, in fact I haven’t really felt unwell during the whole process.